10 WordPress Security Plugins

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When your blog starts growing and gets popular, you have to take care of security risks and issues. Most of bloggers and web masters fail to recognize the importance of securing their blog. Hackers can do lots of things after breaking in, they can attack your site viewers with Trojan viruses to steal information from their computers and if it’s going to happen Google will block your site with a message on it i.e “This site may harm your computer”. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are using WordPress, as there are lots of plugins to help you out.

In this post i have listed top 10 wordpress security plugins to secure your blog from hackers.

1. Invisible Defender

Invisible Defender is a WordPress plugin, which protects registration, login and comment forms from spambots by adding two extra fields hidden by CSS. This approach gave me 100% anti-spam protection on one of my sites.

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2. AskApache Password Protect

AskApache Password Protect adds some serious password protection to your WordPress Blog. Not only does it protect your wp-admin directory, but also your wp-includes, wp-content, plugins, etc. plugins as well.

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3. Secure WordPress

This plugins helps to secure your WordPress installation: Remove Error information on login page; adds index.html to plugin directory; removes the wp-version, except in admin area.

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4. WordPress Database Backup

WordPress database backup creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database.

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5. WP Security Scan

Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions. It scans your blog and checks passwords, file permissions, database security and WP version hiding.

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6. WordPress File Monitor

Monitors your WordPress installation for added/deleted/changed files. When a change is detected an email alert can be sent to a specified address.

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7. Force SSL

For those will an SSL certificate, this plugin forces an HTTPS connection for security purposes. Force SSL simply redirects requests made via regular old http to requests for trusty new https, and that’s about it.

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8. Admin SSL

This WordPress plugin secures wordpress login and admin pages, supports all SSL setups and encrypt cookie contents.

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9. Replace WP-Version

Security your WordPress-Installation and eliminate or replace your wp-version and database-version on easy way with a small plugin.

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10. WP-dephorm

wp-dephorm protects your users from the prying eyes of phorm. This is achieved by setting a cookie to opt out of the phorm information mining. Your blog viewers will not have there information stored and used in marketing campaigns whilst viewing your site.

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