Live WordPress Help Via Twitter

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I’ve spent some of my after-hours free time on Twitter answering questions about WordPress and helping folks with their WordPress issues.

Turned out to be a great success, lots of fun and a bunch of people who had their problems solved were glad I was on hand to help them out!

So I thought I would make this a regular gig! I’ve created a new username just for WordPress help via Twitter: @duward.

Here’s how it works…

You get on Twitter type in your question and I’ll jump in and offer my assistance.

FREE WordPress E-Commerce Theme

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Let us direct your attention to you the new BuySell Theme. The guys over at commissioned this theme as a means to demonstrate just how customizable the WP e-Commerce Plugin really is. It was developed by the friendly theming folks over at the Tokokoo studios who specialize in e-Commerce themes.

The WP BuySell Theme is an exceptionally beautiful theme based off the website design. Why did we do this? Because its full of beautiful design concepts that specifically relate to driving sales.

If you want to use this theme on a live site we recommend you change the colors to suit the needs of your own brand and style, however in terms of layout then this Theme is deliciously hot and has been tested with all our Premium Plugins.

Future versions will include pagination styling, different graphic for the sale price, and a slightly different checkout page.

Download BuyNow Theme