WooCommerce Facebook eCommerce Chatbot

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WooCommerce Facebook eCommerce Chatbot WordPress plugin that increases your store’s sales. Shoppers can communicate with the bot – thanks to its Integration with Natural Language Processing (AI and NLP), Search and Add products to the cart directly from the chatbot.

WooCommerce Facebook eCommerce Chatbot is integrated if you want to provide a Live chat channel for support in addition to the chatbot. Call Me Back & Customer Feedback modules are also available. You can also schedule ChatBot to run only when you are not available for Live chat with other service – outside of your normal office hours.

The Onsite Retargeting helps your Conversion rate optimization by showing your special offers and coupons on Exit Intent, time interval or page scroll down inside the chatbot window. Get rid of those other Exit Intent popups with a chatbot that talks directly with the shopper. Reduce Abandoned Cart by showing timely messages with the Chat Bot! Track Customer Conversions with statistics and reporting to find out if shoppers are abandoning carts without completing orders. Increase your sales!

WP e-commerce 3.8.6 Released

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The folks over at releaesed the latest version of the WP e-commerce plugin today. The 3.8.6 plugin fixes alot of bugs and introduces some new functionality. Please backup your existing plugin and WordPress theme files before upgrading! You can read more about the upgrade below.


New: Filter for ‘wpsc_display_product_multicurrency’.

New: Additional filters for compatibility with WPML.

Change: Discount information is now displayed on the Packing Slip.

Fix: Sometimes wpsc_product_has_multicurrency() returns true when it should return false.

Fix: Edit product page makes many database queries if you have lots of variations.

Fix: Variation prices are not calculated correctly.

Fix: Request-URI Too Large error when searching on the Admin Products page with lots of products.

Fix: Add to cart shortcode doesn’t display fancy notifications, and also doesn’t check whether variations are selected.

Fix: Infinite AJAX loop on checkout page when Same as Billing is checked.

Fix: Per-item shipping total is calculated incorrectly in various places (Packing Slip, Sales Report etc.).

Fix: Wrong product link when the product is assigned multiple categories.

Fix: Canonical tags are not generated correctly for products with multiple categories.

Fix: Edit variations inline messes up columns when stock limitation is disabled.

Fix: Product with no category selected is not automatically assigned a default category when sort by drag&drop is enabled.

Fix: Unnecessary use of livequery in variations.js causes Product edit page to freeze when there are many variation sets.

Fix: Slashes added to checkout form field that has single quotes in it (e.g: O’Connor).

Fix: Multicurrency price is truncated when displayed.

Fix: Checkout page keeps refreshing without displaying Google Checkout Button.

Fix: Discount doesn’t work with Paypal Standard.

Fix: wpsc_single_template is not removed from the_content after it’s run, causing subsequent the_content() calls to output the single product again.

Fix: Sorting product categories is broken.

Fix: Coupon rule “In Category” not taken into consideration.

Fix: WPEC default stylesheet imposes #content font-size.

Fix: Incompatibility with Prototype JS library.

Fix: Checking (or unchecking) Stock checkbox when editing product causes variation table columns to break.

Fix: jQuery 1.6 incompatibility with attr( ‘className’ ).

WordPress e-Commerce Software License Key Manager Plugin

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WPEC e-Commerce License Key Manager Plugin

Plugin Details:

Plugin Version: 1.1

WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.8.5)


A WPEC plugin to help manage downloadable software license keys. This plugin allows you to upload
single or hundreds of license keys at a time. You can view when a license was assigned and the built in search
feature allows for easy retrieval.

So How Do I Use This?

WPEC License Key Manager populates the license tables in WP e-Commerce with the details from a text file.


  1. 1. Use an FTP program and upload the wpec-license- key-mgr folder to your WordPress plugins folder location.2. Upload the wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php file to this location an ftp progam.
    *** Please make a backup of the existing file.
    *** Current file version 3.8.4 3. Access your WordPress administrative panel, choose Plugins and activate the WPEC License Key Manager plugin.

4. Go into your store settings, choose the Admin tab and add %license_key% to the purchase and admin reports.

5. You can access the WPEC License Key Manager plugin in the Settings menu.

6. You will find an example text file with test licenses for the mass upload functionality in the wpec-license- key-mgr folder.

7. Enjoy!


Buy Now

Piggy – WordPress E-Commerce Sales Stats iPhone App

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Your WP E-Commerce sales, in your pocket.

Works on iOS and Android.
Piggy is an app that provides mobile access to view sales data for your WP E-Commerce powered WordPress website.

5-Minute Setup

Install, activate, click— done. Piggy’s not only easy to use, but easy to setup, too.

Refreshed Goodness

Tap the Refresh button in the upper right corner to grab live sales data from the server whenever you wish.

Sales Updating

Piggy will automatically check for new data at intervals. If Piggy finds new purchases were made, it automatically refreshes your sales data to reflect the new sales.

Predictions Improve

Sales forecasts are also updated, making sure the projections are always based on the most current data available.

New E-Commerce Sale!

Piggy also supports live, instant Push Notifications to your iPhone or iPod touch wherever you are via popular push apps like Prowl and Howl.

Unlimited Devices

There’s no limit to the number of iOS devices you can configure to receive push motifications.


Piggy ships with full translations for: English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Quality Work

Our translations are done by a professional team of paid translators, ensuring quality translations of our products.

New Languages

We also periodically update existing translations and add new ones where possible.

What are you waiting for?

Get The App Now!




WP e-Commerce Product Slider 2010 Plugin

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Today Dan Milward of released the newest WP E-Commerce plugin that is part of the Gold Cart package. The WP e-Commerce Product Slider 2010 Plugin displays your products in a new ‘fancy sliding product window’ on your website. The new Product Slider 2010 allows you to place the Product Slider on your site using either a WordPress friendly ShortCode or via a Template Tag. Either way you look at it this new version is going to add some visual appeal to your web shop.
Use our famous “Product Slider” module. Check it out on if you doubt the awesomeness!
The only requirements are that you are using the latest gold files.

FREE Posterous Theme!

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My friends over at Obox Design are giving away a free Posterous theme. My.List is a Posterous theme aimed mainly at bloggers who post pictures and video’s. The home page grid layout allows for a portfolio-like look which is easy to navigate while the post page is perfectly suited for articles as well as photos.

Download Demo

WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.6 RC4

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WP e-Commerce Plugin RC4 is now ready for download. Assuming that there are no major issues then we intend to launch 3.7.6 early next week. Probably Tuesday Morning 7th April NZT.

RC4 Track Notes

1. A few nice presentation changes in wp-admin (courtesy of Dan “the Godfather” Milward)
2. More head bashing fixes to Shipping and ’same as billing’
3. Awesome new filter for gateways added by Lee Willis
4. Had to remove the last of Chris Newtons cart class patch because it was breaking flat rate shipping, it now works perfectly.

» Download WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.6 RC4

10 WordPress Security Plugins

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When your blog starts growing and gets popular, you have to take care of security risks and issues. Most of bloggers and web masters fail to recognize the importance of securing their blog. Hackers can do lots of things after breaking in, they can attack your site viewers with Trojan viruses to steal information from their computers and if it’s going to happen Google will block your site with a message on it i.e “This site may harm your computer”. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are using WordPress, as there are lots of plugins to help you out.

In this post i have listed top 10 wordpress security plugins to secure your blog from hackers.

1. Invisible Defender

Invisible Defender is a WordPress plugin, which protects registration, login and comment forms from spambots by adding two extra fields hidden by CSS. This approach gave me 100% anti-spam protection on one of my sites.

Download | Home Page
2. AskApache Password Protect

AskApache Password Protect adds some serious password protection to your WordPress Blog. Not only does it protect your wp-admin directory, but also your wp-includes, wp-content, plugins, etc. plugins as well.

Download | Home Page
3. Secure WordPress

This plugins helps to secure your WordPress installation: Remove Error information on login page; adds index.html to plugin directory; removes the wp-version, except in admin area.

Download | Home Page
4. WordPress Database Backup

WordPress database backup creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database.

Download | Home Page
5. WP Security Scan

Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions. It scans your blog and checks passwords, file permissions, database security and WP version hiding.

Download | Home Page
6. WordPress File Monitor

Monitors your WordPress installation for added/deleted/changed files. When a change is detected an email alert can be sent to a specified address.

Download | Home Page
7. Force SSL

For those will an SSL certificate, this plugin forces an HTTPS connection for security purposes. Force SSL simply redirects requests made via regular old http to requests for trusty new https, and that’s about it.

Download | Home Page
8. Admin SSL

This WordPress plugin secures wordpress login and admin pages, supports all SSL setups and encrypt cookie contents.

Download | Home Page
9. Replace WP-Version

Security your WordPress-Installation and eliminate or replace your wp-version and database-version on easy way with a small plugin.

Download | Home Page
10. WP-dephorm

wp-dephorm protects your users from the prying eyes of phorm. This is achieved by setting a cookie to opt out of the phorm information mining. Your blog viewers will not have there information stored and used in marketing campaigns whilst viewing your site.

Download | Home Page