Hourly Web Development:

If you are seeking help with website troubleshooting, configuration, and plugin installation, all you need to do is purchase an hour of time and we’re off to the races!

Our  consulting rate is $55/hour (1 hour minimum).



$99 E-Commerce Website

Need an e-commerce website? We are offering a complete eCommerce website for only $99.

What Do I Get:
– Complete E-Commerce Website
– Manual Payment (checks/money orders)
– PayPal Payments Standard
– Inventory Management
– New Products widget
– Flat rate shipping
– One-Page Checkout
– SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
– Checkout without account/guest checkout
– Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
– Option to create account at beginning of checkout

How Long Will It Take?
– In most cases you will have your website up and running in approximately 1 week.

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* This does not include the price of a domain name, hosting, SSL , or custom services.