WP e-commerce 3.8.6 Released

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The folks over at http://getshopped.org releaesed the latest version of the WP e-commerce plugin today. The 3.8.6 plugin fixes alot of bugs and introduces some new functionality. Please backup your existing plugin and WordPress theme files before upgrading! You can read more about the upgrade below.


New: Filter for ‘wpsc_display_product_multicurrency’.

New: Additional filters for compatibility with WPML.

Change: Discount information is now displayed on the Packing Slip.

Fix: Sometimes wpsc_product_has_multicurrency() returns true when it should return false.

Fix: Edit product page makes many database queries if you have lots of variations.

Fix: Variation prices are not calculated correctly.

Fix: Request-URI Too Large error when searching on the Admin Products page with lots of products.

Fix: Add to cart shortcode doesn’t display fancy notifications, and also doesn’t check whether variations are selected.

Fix: Infinite AJAX loop on checkout page when Same as Billing is checked.

Fix: Per-item shipping total is calculated incorrectly in various places (Packing Slip, Sales Report etc.).

Fix: Wrong product link when the product is assigned multiple categories.

Fix: Canonical tags are not generated correctly for products with multiple categories.

Fix: Edit variations inline messes up columns when stock limitation is disabled.

Fix: Product with no category selected is not automatically assigned a default category when sort by drag&drop is enabled.

Fix: Unnecessary use of livequery in variations.js causes Product edit page to freeze when there are many variation sets.

Fix: Slashes added to checkout form field that has single quotes in it (e.g: O’Connor).

Fix: Multicurrency price is truncated when displayed.

Fix: Checkout page keeps refreshing without displaying Google Checkout Button.

Fix: Discount doesn’t work with Paypal Standard.

Fix: wpsc_single_template is not removed from the_content after it’s run, causing subsequent the_content() calls to output the single product again.

Fix: Sorting product categories is broken.

Fix: Coupon rule “In Category” not taken into consideration.

Fix: WPEC default stylesheet imposes #content font-size.

Fix: Incompatibility with Prototype JS library.

Fix: Checking (or unchecking) Stock checkbox when editing product causes variation table columns to break.

Fix: jQuery 1.6 incompatibility with attr( ‘className’ ).