Live WordPress Help Via Twitter

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I’ve spent some of my after-hours free time on Twitter answering questions about WordPress and helping folks with their WordPress issues.

Turned out to be a great success, lots of fun and a bunch of people who had their problems solved were glad I was on hand to help them out!

So I thought I would make this a regular gig! I’ve created a new username just for WordPress help via Twitter: @duward.

Here’s how it works…

You get on Twitter type in your question and I’ll jump in and offer my assistance.

Tweeting for Business: Dos and Don’ts

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The social media train has left the station. Either you were on it or you still have to get a ticket and join the ride. Many of my clients struggle with the whole Twitterverse phenomenon and not knowing how they can use it for their business to create networking and lead opportunities. Part of that struggle is due to not understanding the impact and potential that participating on Twitter can in fact bring to their online marketing program.

To help, I thought I would provide the top dos and don’ts that are most often overlooked. While not all inclusive, for those wanting to join in the conversation and become more social, these tips will be enough to get you going in the right direction.

First, let’s cover the don’ts when it comes to Tweeting for business:

* Don’t Tweet non-business related ramblings and points of view. This is about your business branding and image. Create a personal Twitter account for those insights.
* Don’t just pop in with your comments without considering you are part of a conversation. Reply only when you know you can add to the conversation.
* Don’t send automated follows or DMs (Direct Messages). Part of networking and being truly social is to provide personal responses which are an integral part of relationship building. Many onliners will unfollow those who send automated DMs because they know you are not sincerely involved.
* Don’t retweet something that every other robot is retweeting and refrain from making retweets look like they are your Tweets. State why you are retweeting another Tweet to provide your unique perspective. That’s what will make you stand out from all the other retweeters without an opinion and encourage follows.
* Don’t post URLs without comment or introduction as to why you feel the URL is of interest to those who follow you.
* Don’t unfollow someone simply because they unfollowed you. This is not a tit-for-tat environment. While the other user may not be interested in what you have to offer, you could be missing out a valuable info.
* Use hashtags sparingly and with discretion. Use 3 at most and make sure they are focused and applicable to your Tweet.

Now, here are a some dos when it comes to Tweeting for business:

* Do plan on Tweeting at least several times each week. This keeps you on the radar with those who follow you and make them anticipate more. In the same vein, don’t over-Tweet either. It may be a fine line but something to try and strike a balance with to keep those following you interested without being annoying.
* Do include impromptu Tweets in addition to having your Blog posts auto-Tweet. This shows you are “there” and makes your Tweets more personal.
* Do make a point of spending some time on Twitter and answering questions and helping others. Tweeting isn’t just about you promoting your latest post, affiliate program or offer — it is about providing useful info while giving others the opportunity to get to know you.
* Do use Twitter’s search features by keyword and hashtags to find those like minds that are related to or interested in what you your business is about. Check out TweetDeck to help you with these efforts.
* Do make an effort to check for typos and improper grammar. Stay away from acronyms and abbreviations. Even though Tweets are only 140 characters you still want to appear as though you graduated from high school.
* Do your very best to offer unique Tweets that bring value and information to your target market while not being overly commercial. Let your knowledge, expertise and willingness to help be your biggest sales tool.
* Do integrate a custom Twitter background to make you stand out from the rest.

The key to successfully using Twitter for business is to offer value while spending the time to communicate with and help others. By doing so you will enhance and grow your brand to a new community of interested parties.

About the Author:

Judith Kallos is an experienced good-humored Technology Muse who has offered WordPress Consulting and Web Site services for over a decade. Be sure to check out her popular site 123 More Income so you can learn to make more money online.