New WordPress Theme – SophisticatedFolio by WooThemes

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 SophisticatedFolio is a great theme for web/graphic designers to showcase their portfolio and blog, but can be used for many other purposes if you just put your imagination to work.

Unique Features

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • Tell the world about yourself or company in the intro text and upload an image to show off your work in a stylish fashion on the home page
  • A seperate custom category for showing off your portfolio
  • Custom Woo Widgets for use in sidebar and footer: Work With Me, Testimonial, Twitter, Subscribe, Contact, Flickr, Twitter, Search, 300×250 ad, 125×125 ad
  • 10 stylish alternate colour schemes to choose from

View the demo Purchase SophisticatedFolio

WooThemes Club Subscriptions

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WooThemes Club
Woo also offers club pricing. A standard club license subscription is $125. The  developer club license subscription is $200. On all of the club subscription, you are allowed to use the themes on unlimted domains for the duration of your subscription.

Both club subscriptions get you all of the current themes plus any that are released while you are a member. You can see all the WooThemes on their themes page.

Woothemes Features
WooThemes come right out of the box with a ton of features. First, there is documentation for each theme to help you get it set up. Some other features that most of the themes have:

Integrated Theme Options (for WordPress) to tweak the layout, colour scheme etc. for the theme ;
Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails for the blog posts on the home page;
Threaded Comments for WP 2.8;
Trendy drop-down menu’s for your main navigation;
Custom Page Templates for Archives, Image Gallery & Sitemap;
Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments; and
Integrated Banner Management script to display banner ads of your choice site-wide.
All of the themes have a few color and layout options to change the palette of your site instantly. Each theme also has features unique to itself and most options can be set in the WP backend. Things like your Feedburner ID, Google analytics code and other settings are all done from the WP control panel. No more adding the code to your footer manually.

WooThemes Support
The support WooThemes provides its members is 2nd to none. As I already mentioned, there is documentation for each theme. Also, there are tutorials created by members to help you get things running the way you want them to. Woo also has a forum so if you can’t find the answer in your theme’s documentation, or in the knowledgebase on the site, you can get an answer from a Woo Ninja.

Woothemes also puts out about 2 themes per month, but that doesn’t mean they neglect the current themes. All of the themes are compatible with WordPress 2.8 and most new features added in WP are also available in your themes.

What are you waiting for? Go check out WooThemes now!

WooThemes Customization

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Do you love WooThemes as much as I do but having trouble customizing your theme to perfection? Then you’ve come to the right place, I create websites and blogs based on WooThemes, and customize them to meet your needs. I have hands-on experience customizing WooThemes and currently use one to run this site. I have a great deal of experience with both WordPress, and WooThemes, and love the opportunity to create your next blog or website. I’m up for any project so feel free to contact me below.