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WP e-Commerce Product Slider 2010 Plugin

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Today Dan Milward of GetShopped.org released the newest WP E-Commerce plugin that is part of the Gold Cart package. The WP e-Commerce Product Slider 2010 Plugin displays your products in a new ‘fancy sliding product window’ on your website. The new Product Slider 2010 allows you to place the Product Slider on your site using either a WordPress friendly ShortCode or via a Template Tag. Either way you look at it this new version is going to add some visual appeal to your web shop.
Use our famous “Product Slider” module. Check it out on www.icondock.com if you doubt the awesomeness!
The only requirements are that you are using the latest gold files.

WordPress e-Commerce Plugin Released

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If you are wondering what happened to well that was a minor release made as a quick version for some users, but was not tagged as stable, after more testing, and a few additional fixes we are proud to announce the new version ready for consumption.

Changes to date:

= =
* Added back the hourly Cron Job for clearing the Claimed Stock
* Stripslahses added to transaction results message and Order Notes (removes the / in front of ‘ and “)
* Dashboard widget does not include sales that have been canceled by Paypal Pro
* Australia Post Shipping Module, fix for International quotes
* Fixed calculations on the Purchase Log and Shipping details pages
* Fixed Broken HTML tag in Packing Slip
* Permalinks Issue for WordPress 3.0 and the menu_nav_item custom post type conflict
* Memory Bump to increase PHP’s memory limit if running on 32MB to avoid fatal error out of memory issues

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WP e-Commerce Roadmap

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The development team has been working diligently, day in and day out, on the core development of our WP e-Commerce Plugin. A lot of effort has been going into the 3.8 branch of WP e-Commerce and it’s really starting to come a long way. While we’re working on the 3.8 branch we are also dedicating our time to supporting customers in the forums and rolling out small 3.7.x releases as they are needed.

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WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.6 RC4

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WP e-Commerce Plugin RC4 is now ready for download. Assuming that there are no major issues then we intend to launch 3.7.6 early next week. Probably Tuesday Morning 7th April NZT.

RC4 Track Notes

1. A few nice presentation changes in wp-admin (courtesy of Dan “the Godfather” Milward)
2. More head bashing fixes to Shipping and ’same as billing’
3. Awesome new filter for gateways added by Lee Willis
4. Had to remove the last of Chris Newtons cart class patch because it was breaking flat rate shipping, it now works perfectly.

» Download WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.6 RC4