WordPress e-Commerce Plugin Released

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If you are wondering what happened to well that was a minor release made as a quick version for some users, but was not tagged as stable, after more testing, and a few additional fixes we are proud to announce the new version ready for consumption.

Changes to date:

= =
* Added back the hourly Cron Job for clearing the Claimed Stock
* Stripslahses added to transaction results message and Order Notes (removes the / in front of ‘ and “)
* Dashboard widget does not include sales that have been canceled by Paypal Pro
* Australia Post Shipping Module, fix for International quotes
* Fixed calculations on the Purchase Log and Shipping details pages
* Fixed Broken HTML tag in Packing Slip
* Permalinks Issue for WordPress 3.0 and the menu_nav_item custom post type conflict
* Memory Bump to increase PHP’s memory limit if running on 32MB to avoid fatal error out of memory issues

= =
* Edit Coupons Fixed and new Category Conditions added to the mix
* Checkout Options for drop-down boxes, radio buttons Fixed

As always please be sure to backup your files and database before proceeding with the upgrade.

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