WP e-Commerce Roadmap

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The development team has been working diligently, day in and day out, on the core development of our WP e-Commerce Plugin. A lot of effort has been going into the 3.8 branch of WP e-Commerce and it’s really starting to come a long way. While we’re working on the 3.8 branch we are also dedicating our time to supporting customers in the forums and rolling out small 3.7.x releases as they are needed.

So while the guys have been doing that I have been working on a new Road Map to help demonstrate to you where we see our Plugin heading. We think that it’s still early days for WordPress + e-Commerce. Whether you’re a WP e-Commerce user, a YAK user, a Shopp user, a ShopperPress user we don’t really care – once you’ve used 3.8 you’ll be sold. All we care about is making sure that 3.8 & the impending 3.9 versions are stable and revolutionary.

The 3.8 version of our Plugin has been about integration with WordPress 3.0 to make it a better overall Plugin. The more we integrate with WP the less that can go wrong and the faster our Plugin will be. While this is of the utmost importance so is adding new functionality that is specific to the business of selling online and thus we are in the process of testing new affiliate Plugin, new shipping regions zone Plugins and much much more. As these Plugins are tested we will consider integrating them with core.

Via – http://getshopped.org/news/road-map-draft/

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